12 of the Coolest Cargo Container Modifications

Cargo containers are used to carry the world’s goods all over. They are important to carrying the 95% of all the world’s cargo that ends up moving by ship. The typical 40 foot shipping container is capable of carrying 3500 shoeboxes, which is a lot of room and makes these storage containers useful for a lot more than just shipping cargo. These days there being transformed into a portable office, shipping container homes, and even pop up retail shops. Here are just a few of the coolest cargo container modifications out there:


You wouldn’t think that a cargo container would ever be used in the school, but one of the most innovative cargo container modifications is the production of quality classroom space, especially in places where regular construction materials are too expensive for the community. These cargo containers are making an enormous difference in developing countries worldwide.


If you’ve ever stood next to a cargo container on the dock, you probably didn’t think about going into it to eat. But innovative cargo container modifications are making some really cool restaurants out of these enormous storage containers. They make a great base structure to hold the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant can be built around it.

Alternative Workspaces

Both individuals and companies are in need of nontraditional workspace. Whether it’s a warehouse office or a backyard workshop, cargo containers can be perfect in this application. They can be modified to be extra secure so that everything inside them is safe. They can also have all kinds of climate control added to them so it’s easier to use them in any climate.


Shipping containers not only make great homes, but they’re starting to make great hotels, too. This new niche market uses 40 foot shipping containers as the base structure around which to build innovative and unusual hotel designs. Since these containers are stackable and mobile, the possibilities are nearly endless.


Okay, not full hospitals. But shipping containers make great mobile emergency rooms. They can go to the problem instead of waiting for the problem to come to them, and they have a lot more space and versatility than an ambulance.

Disaster Shelters

If you are getting ready for the great zombie apocalypse you’ll be pleased to know that you can make a reliable and inexpensive disaster shelter out of a cargo container. There’s plenty of room inside to store all your canned goods, and with proper maintenance shipping container can be expected to last for 20 years.

Retail Space

Cargo container modifications can turn one of these boxes into the perfect little retail store. They make especially good seasonal space for taking advantage of all those vacationers or a longer special event, such as a music festival or county fair.

Portable Toilets

In many developing countries in particular, you can find shipping containers that have been modified to turn them into public toilets. For many people, this provides a hygienic alternative to previous conditions.

Student Housing

Universities all around the world are facing housing difficulties. It is expensive and difficult to build student housing with traditional materials and takes a long time. Build that same housing out of shipping containers, however, and it can be done at reduced cost and in half the time. The end result is just as comfortable as any other dorm room.

Swimming Pool

One of the most unusual cargo container modifications is the swimming pool. The shipping containers are just the right length and depth to make perfect pools at low cost.

Mobile Labs

Sometimes you need analysis quickly and there’s no time to send specimens halfway across the world and back again. When that’s the case, turned to the cargo container laboratory. This cargo container modification can provide all the academic and scientific advantages of the lab in the most unexpected and hard to reach places.


If you have a beloved motorcycle but no garage to put it in, cargo container modifications can turn one of these shipping boxes into the perfect place to keep your bike secure and protected from the elements and from thieves.

These are just a few of the worlds most innovative cargo container modifications. Why not get one yourself and see what the possibilities are?

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