Six Reasons To Install A Soundproof Office Work Booth

Six Reasons To Install A Soundproof Office Work Booth

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It’s a scene that many an office worker encounters on a daily basis: they’re on the phone with an important client and practically having to shout over all the noise in the background of their open office space. The customer is frustrated, the worker is frustrated and the background noise is overwhelming and distracting.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for that. One of the latest innovations in office technology is the soundproof office phone booth. There are many benefits to using a soundproof office phone booth including:

  • Privacy: A soundproof office phone booth can be a nice change of pace for employees used to working in an open-office setting. Having these booths allow workers to go from having little to no privacy to having privacy in spades. Studies have shown that rather than slacking off when they’re alone, employees feel empowered by privacy and their job performance improves. Having a soundproof both to use can help reduce stress if an employee is feeling the need for some privacy and also makes it easier to establish rapport with clients.
  • Cutting the Noise: A soundproof office phone booth gives the obvious benefit of being able to make phone calls while blocking out unnecessary noise. In today’s office setting, phone calls and video calls are a part of the everyday work experience. Rather than having to shout to be heard in a crowded office space or retreating to a back room to take an important phone call, a soundproof booth can be just what the doctor ordered.

    Depending on the person, it can be very difficult to block out background noise, whether it’s fellow employees talking, telephones, alarms, computers or some other form of noise. That can add unwanted stress and whether we realize it or not, these noise can adversely affect productivity. Much of that stress and all of the noise can vanish with the use of a soundproof office phone booth.
  • Control: While an open-space office plan can be beneficial for allowing employees to easily interact with each other, it can also lead to feelings of helplessness. With no place to really get away from the ever present stresses of work, workers can become stressed, less productive and feel trapped in an office setting. A soundproof booth will help workers feel more comfortable and lead to greater productivity, higher morale and greater satisfaction with the job.
  • Curbing Sickness: Another drawback of the open-office plan is that it means all employees are sharing the same air. Air conditioning doesn’t do much to help the problem and in short, it makes for perfect conditions for bacteria and germs to easily spread.

    Having the use of a private booth helps curb the spread of illness and can reduce the amount of sick time a person takes by up to 50 percent.
  • Easy Assembly: Soundproof booths are easy to put up and take down. They can easily be made mobile with slider pads and they can be moved around an office space as needed. If your office is considering one, the best bet is to buy one that’s already built as private building one can cost as much as $10,000.
  • Numbers Don’t Lie: When it comes to the positive benefits of a private office phone booth, the numbers certainly don’t lie.
    • Soundproofing an office can improve worker concentration by 48 percent.
    • Soundproofing an office can lower work errors by 10 percent.
    • Soundproofing an office can eliminate 51 percent of conversational distractions.
    • Soundproofing an office can reduce employee stress by 27 percent.

The soundproof paint market is an estimated $200 million and is anticipated to grow at 30-50 percent per year. It’s not hard to see why as more than 73 percent of the United States workforce are “knowledge workers” who work primarily in open office environments.

A soundproof phone booth for office use can go a long way toward better customer relations. On average, U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. That’s a big number and could get even bigger if relations don’t improve. Thirty-three percent of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor customer service. So installing a soundproof office booth can go a long way in improving relations with customers and making employees less stressed.

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