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Lucy Ferris
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Thanks for visiting DMC Advertising. Our team is committed to teaching you the ins and outs of today’s marketing world. Marketing is a constantly changing and evolving force, and if you are able to bend it to your will then entire companies, governments, and personal psychologies can topple before you. DMC stands for “Devil May Care”, as such is our attitude towards creating relevant advertisements. Though we currently exist as an informational blog, we used to be a practicing marketing firm. Following our acronym, we didn’t particularly care about the relevance or professionalism of our advertisements. In fact, we really got a kick out of doing things like marketing a car with images of people brushing their teeth. It turned out that creating confounding juxtapositions like that wasn’t the most effective strategy, and we didn’t often get good results. Eventually we lost all of our clients. Our last one was a veterinarian whose name we tattooed on hot dogs from street vendors around town. This is why our organization has transferred its services into purely instructional and theoretical concerns. So please peruse our blog and help us continue being useful to society! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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